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Kennametal Stellite is a global provider of innovative solutions to challenging wear problems.  Our specialist products and manufacturing services help extend the life of components in demanding environments where heat, corrosion and abrasion limit their life.  To learn more about us, our products, services and expertise click the links below to view our newest brochures. 


Kennametal Stellite Wear
Solutions Components
Brochure 2013



Professional Surfacing
& Equipment


Kennametal Stellite
Hardfacing Alloys
Brochure 2012


Kennametal Stellite
Power Generation







Kennametal Stellite
Wrought Brochure 2013



Kennametal Stellite Refinery
Brochure 2013







Kennametal Stellite Datasheet





Kennametal Stellite UltraFlex Cladding 2013





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