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Kennametal Stellite Datasheets

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Kennametal Stellite Technical Datasheets

Deloro Alloys
Deloro Alloys are Nickel-based and well suited for abrasion.  They also have satisfactory resistance to high temperature and corrosion.

Stelcar Jet Kote 
Jet Kote powders are used for thermal spraying, and they usually consist of either a carbide-metal combination (e.g. WC-Co or Cr3Cr2-NiCr) or a Stellite alloy.

Super Stelcar
Stellite is cobalt-based and has best "all-round" wear properties.  It has excellent resistance to high temperatures and very good resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Laser Cladding

Denertia Dental Alloys

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