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Stellite: the trademark for a very hard cobalt-based alloy.

The Stellite brand has a long and distinguished pedigree in finding solutions to wear and corrosion problems based on high performing cobalt (Stellite) and nickel (Deloro) alloys. Our focus on building successful, long-term relationships with our blue chip customers has helped us become the leading global supplier of 'wear solutions'.

Our history begins in 1907, when Deloro Smelting and Refining Company was set up by Michael John O'Brien and Elwood Haynes, in the small Canadian cobalt mining village of Deloro. When Haynes left in 1912 to focus on nickel-based components, O'Brien formed Deloro Stellite to produce cobalt-based Stellite alloys.

Over the years we have become increasingly recognised for our expertise in developing hard-wearing and long-lasting alloys, the extensive array of products and an ability to solve even the most complex problems. Throughout this expansion we have remained unswerving in our adherence to the attributes that have long characterised the brand. These include:

  • Excellence:
excellent products, excellent service, excellent staff knowledge and training.
  • Dedication:
we are committed to getting the best results, whatever the effort .
  • Practical:
we make sure that our solutions meet the customer's brief.
  • Reliable:
Kennametal Stellite products last longer and are more reliable and thus help our customers be more efficient.
  • Innovative:
we continually strive to push the boundaries of knowledge with our extensive research and development activities. This includes an array of proprietary skills and 12 worldwide patents.
  • Value for money:
our solutions give value for money through longer life, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Our products and solutions have gained recognition in many industries such as Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Power Generation, Steel and many more. In fact our products and solutions can be applied to any wear problem in any industry.

Our registered trademarks include:

  • Stellite®
Cobalt based alloys with the best ‘all-round’ wear properties. They combine exceptional wear & heat resistance and are used across a wide range of applications.
  • Deloro®
Nickel based alloys which cover a broad range of hardness'. They tend to have lower melting points which make well suited for powder welding or spray & fuse.
  • Tribaloy®
Intermetallic phase alloys which can be either Nickel or Cobalt based. They perform exceptionally well in metal to metal wear at high temperatures.
  • Nistelle®
Nickel based, corrosion resistant, high melting point alloys. Developed for protection against aggressive chemicals/other corrosive media.
  • Stelcar®
Nickel or Cobalt based alloys with Carbide particles. Only available in powder form for coating applications.
  • JetKote®
Carbide – Metal combination powders pecifically designed for thermal spraying.
  • Delcrome®
Iron based alloys designed for abrasive wear resistance at lower temperatures.
High performance metal coatings for use in critical applications where corrosion and wear limit part life and reliability, and where conventional alloys and application methods cause excessive part distortion or degradation of high performance base metals. The coating can be provided with short turnaround time.

Our trademarks include:

  • UltraFlex™
While our customer base is diverse, all our customers are looking for cost-effective and long-term answers to challenging problems of abrasion, corrosion and heat at a time of increasingly stringent environmental standards. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff work relentlessly to find those answers.

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