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Kennametal Stellite provides products and services to businesses in a variety of different industries where problems with wear (heat, abrasion, corrosion, erosion and galling) in products that often operate in harsh conditions give rise to shortened working life, high maintenance cost and high downtime.

Kennametal Stellite produces its own proprietary metal alloys from cobalt and nickel which have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties which are ideally suited to solving these wear problems.

Backed up by a substantial R&D facility, 13 facilities in nine countries manufacture these sophisticated alloys and then convert them via a number of processes, described below, into materials (rod, wire, powder and electrodes) that are mostly used by our clients offsite, or into customer-designed components (usually cast) which may also be finished in our own machine shops and generally form a small, but critical part of the customers’ own product.

Kennametal Stellite’s expertise in engineering complex solutions to customers ‘wear problems’ provides our customers with a technical partner enabling them to produce products with competitive advantage in their own market places because they last longer, perform better and are more cost effective.

  • Castings:

a variety of casting processes (using sand (Sand Casting), resin (Resin Casting), investment (Investment Casting), centrifugal (Centrifugal Casting) to produce a range of components from a wide array of alloys.

  • Powder metallurgy:

production of small, regularly shaped components using formed metallic powders.

  • Coating services:
the application of wear-resistant materials to critical areas of components. Uses products from the Consumables Division as well as other alloys brought in from external suppliers.
  • Machining:
full machining of complex shapes in extremely hard materials.
  • Consumables manufacturing:
manufacture of a variety of predominantly cobalt- and nickel-based rod, wire, powder and wrought products for welding, thermal spraying.
  • Equipment design
    and manufacture:
world-class PTA coating and JetKote® HVOF systems.




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