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Processing Methods

As a full-service provider, we offer components manufactured from a range of processes to suit part geometry, size, specification, and quantity. All aspects of production are controlled within our facility - from raw materials to fully finished, inspected, and certified components.

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Investment & Vacuum Casting

Investment and vacuum castings offer clean as-cast surface finishes and near net-shape geometries of complex components. A full range of Cobalt, Nickel, and stainless  steel alloys can be poured.


Powder Metallurgy

A comprehensive range of Stellite grades can be produced as fully dense P/M components. This is often the process of choice for smaller, high volume parts such as balls, spacers, or bearing components.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

With a 3D model file, stereolithography (SLA) patterns can be quickly produced to create the patterns needed as the starting point for investment or vacuum castings. This removes the need for hard tooling, resulting in faster lead times and lower prototyping costs.


Additive Manufacturing

Kennametal has developed multiple processing techniques for producing Stellite™ alloy components through additive manufacturing. Our technical experts work closely with you to maximize the benefit of this technology, ultimately providing finished components.


Centrifugal Casting

Tubular products, such as bushings  and sleeves, can be efficiently manufactured as centrifugal castings. This process produces a high quality and dense component with a fine uniform grain structure.


Precision Machining

We finish castings, Stellite alloy 6B, and P/M components to your specifications in our fully equipped machine shop. High volume programs can be accommodated with dedicated equipment and cellular manufacturing.

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