As with most manufacturing industries today, the forging industry is under continued pressure to increase efficiency and drive down production costs. Increasing the life of forging tools involved with hot working of metals is one way of achieving such efficiencies. The tools must be able to withstand high temperature, abrasive wear and thermal shock.


For these reasons Kennametal Stellite™ alloys are used to hardface critical forging tools, especially those involved in long production runs. Stellite® alloys are used both in the manufacture of new tools and also the repair of worn tools.

Stellite®6 is a good choice for press forging. The deposit must be finished by grinding or machining with carbide tools.

Stellite®21 is a good choice for drop forging. The deposit is more easily finished using the same machining methods used for steel, however the alloy rapidly work hardens under impact resulting in longer life of the tool.
Both these alloys are available as Cast Rod, Electrode, MIG Wire or Powder.