Cobalt Alloys

Kennametal Stellite began developing alloys from cobalt-based materials over 100 years ago. These alloys are used primarily for wear applications, and may be applied to substrate material by any fusion welding process or thermal spraying process..

Benefits of Stellite Alloys

  • Exhibit a unique combination of wear resistance, strength and corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for harsh operating environments: Adhesive wear, Abrasion, Contact fatigue, Thermal shock, Cavitation wear and Oxidation
  • Provide excellent wear resistance particularly against: Galling, Corrosion and Erosion

Stellite Alloy families include:

1)  Traditional Co-Cr-W-C alloys
2)  Mo, Ni, Fe modifications to the traditional alloys
3)  B, Si modifications to traditional alloys


These cobalt alloys retain their properties at high temperatures, while showing a high degree of hardness.

Materials are available in solid rod, cored wire, electrodes, and powders. The most frequently used Stellite cobalt alloys are:

  • Stellite® 1
  • Stellite®
  • Stellite® 4
  • Stellite® 6
  • Stellite® 6B
  • Stellite® 6K
  • Stellite® 12
  • Stellite® 21
  • Stellite® 25 
  • Stellite® 31
  • Stellite® 190
  • Stellite® 694
  • Stellite® 706
  • Stellite® 712  
  • Stellite® F
  • Stellite® Star J