Sand Casting

Sand Pour

Sand casting is a process where a sand mould is created by packing sand and binder into a wooden or aluminum pattern. The two halves of the mould are created, then joined together for casting. Internal cavities can be produced by inlaying one or more cores into the mould prior to pouring.

A molten alloy is then poured into the sand mould and allowed to cool. Sand is removed from the casting, and the cast component can be machined to meet customer requirements.

Sand casting is typically utilized when:

  1. Large component size
  2. Small component quantities (as few as 1 part) are needed.

Benefits of Sand Casting 


  • Our in-house machining capability enables the delivery of a fully machined, complete part, from a single source - eliminating time and expense of passing material between suppliers.

Small Lot Size

  • Ideal process for small quantity production runs.