Nickel Alloys

Kennametal Stellite began developing nickel-base alloys several decades ago. These alloys resist wear and corrosion, and exhibit good high-temperature properties.

The following alloys are available as powder, solid rod, cored wire and electrodes.

Deloro™ Nickel Alloys:
The Deloro™ family of nickel alloys exhibit good corrosion properties which are resistant to abrasion and wear. They also retain their hardness up to 600°C (1000°F) with significant resistance to oxidation.

The most frequently used Deloro nickel alloys are:

  • DELORO® 15
  • DELORO® 22
  • DELORO® 25
  • DELORO® 30
  • DELORO® 40
  • DELORO® 50
  • DELORO® 55
  • DELORO® 60

Nistelle™ Nickel Alloys:
Developed for protection against aggressive chemicals and other corrosive media. Nistelle nickel alloys exhibit superior corrosion-resistant properties and excellent high-temperature strength and resistance to oxidation.

Frequently used Nistelle nickel alloys include:  

  • Nistelle 625
  • Nistelle 718
  • Nistelle C
  • Nistelle C276
  • Nistelle X
  • Nistelle Super C

Tribaloy™ Nickel Alloys:
Developed for applications where extreme wear is combined with high temperatures and corrosive media. Tribaloy is ideal for protection in adhesive (metal-to-metal) wear situations.

Tribaloy nickel alloys feature a hard inter-metallic laves phase, dispersed in a tough matrix of eutectic or solid solution. Several variants are available.