Stellite™ Cobalt Alloys

With over a century of experience developing cobalt-based materials, these alloys exhibit exceptional property retention at high temperatures and have a high degree of hardness allowing for outstanding wear protection.

Materials are available in solid rod, cored wire, electrodes, and powders

Corrosion, Erosion & Abrasion

With over 20 alloys in the Stellite family, You can find a wear solution for your specific need.

Stellite cobalt-based alloys are noted for their resistance even at elevated temperatures (up to 800ºC), and even offer wear and corrosion resistance in reducing environments of hydrochloric, phosphoric, and napthanic acid.

Over 20 Solutions For Any Challenge

  • Stellite® 1
  • Stellite® 3 
  • Stellite® 4
  • Stellite® 6
  • Stellite® 6B
  • Stellite® 6K
  • Stellite® 12
  • Stellite® 21


  • Stellite® 25 
  • Stellite® 31
  • Stellite® 190
  • Stellite® 694
  • Stellite® 706
  • Stellite® 712  
  • Stellite® F
  • Stellite® Star J

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