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Wrought Wear-Resistant Alloys

Stellite™ alloys are available in many different grades (chemical compositions) and several different processes or methods of manufacture. These different processes include casting, powder metal, hardfaced deposit, and wrought.

For wrought grades Stellite™ 6B and Stellite™ 6K, the wrought or hot forging method of production leads to improvements of the resulting material in regards to:

  • Mechanical Properties
  • Toughness
  • Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance

Stellite 6B


Don't sacrifice toughness for wear resistance: Stellite 6B offers both.

An extensive hot forging process transforms brittle ingot into the tough, wear-resistant Stellite 6B that meets aerospace material specification AMS 5894 requirements.

Don’t let the hardness range of 33-43RC fool you, the surface of this material goes through an extensive transformation that provides unmatched wear resistance for such a tough material.


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Stellite 6K

Stellite 6K 4x4 Feature

Thanks to Stellite 6K, applications such as industrial knives and scrapers remain sharp 4x longer than other hardened D2 materials.

This specialty formulated material is designed for outstanding performance in the harshest cutting and scraping applications.

The key is the extensive hot forging process the material goes through which results in a Stellite sheet material which can be honed to create a fine knife edge.


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