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These industrial knives and scrapers remain sharp 4x longer than other hardened D2 materials thanks to Stellite™ 6K.

This specialty formulated material is designed for outstanding performance in the harshest cutting and scraping applications.

The key is the extensive hot forging process the material goes through which results in a Stellite sheet material which can be honed to create a fine knife edge.


Download our Wrought Wear-Resistant Alloys brochure for more insights and data on Stellite 6K.

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Easily Joined to Other Materials

Stellite 6K can be readily joined to other materials by welding and brazing .

Gas tungsten-arc (TIG) with an argon flow of 25 CFH, gas metal-arc (MIG), shielded metal-arc (coated electrode), and oxy-acetylene are the preferred methods.

Heat Treated

Wrought forms Stellite 6K is supplied in the solution heat-treated condition, unless otherwise specified.

The standard heat treatment is at 2250°F (1232°C) followed by air cooling.

Ready for Any Application

Stellite 6K is available in flat stock ranging from 0.045" to 0.375" thick, or can be supplied as individual knives with thicknesses ranging from 0.031 to 0.375 and lengths up to 45".

This custom-rolled material can also be produced to a gauge and sheet size uniquely suited to your application.

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