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Kennametal Stellite offers specialized coating services, which provide valuable protection to components manufactured from soft, wear-susceptible base metals. By applying wear and corrosion-resistant alloys, these coatings significantly increase resistance to principal forms of wear encountered in industrial environments; high temperatures, corrosion and abrasion.

Various thermal spraying techniques are used to apply wear-resistant coatings, including High Velocity Oxygen Fuel ("HVOF") spraying, plasma spraying, and flame spraying. Thermal sprayed coatings mechanically bond with the metal substrate, and are exetremely effective with temperature-sensitive base materials.

Kennametal Stellite provides a range of machining services as a core element of its coating services. Additional value-added services are also available, including polishing, final assembly and testing. A full spectrum of coating services are available in key locations in Belleville, Goshen, Koblenz, Shanghai and Swindon, and also an international location in India. These provide dedicated, rapid local coating services, typically for coated components that wear regularly under extreme conditions and require frequent re-coating. Such applications are common in the oil & gas, power generation and aerospace industries.