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Thermal Spraying

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We use various thermal spraying techniques to protect your components against all forms of wear, such as abrasion, erosion and corrosion. Thermal-sprayed coatings are characterized by a mechanical bonding with the substrate, which provides very good bond strength. This coating technology is very useful for temperature-sensitive base materials.

Kennametal Stellite offers three thermal spraying processes for various applications:

Coating Services | Flame Spraying
            Flame Spraying

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Flame spraying with subsequent fusing

  • Metallurgical bonding
  • Can use induction or vacuum furnaces
  • Liquid- and gas-tight
In flame spraying with powder the particles are softened or melted in an oxyacetylene flame and transferred to a prepared workpiece by the expanding gases. An additional gas stream can be used to assist with powder particle transfer.The second stage of the process, fusing the sprayed coating to the workpiece, is usually done with an oxyacetylene burner.
Alternatively, for series production, fusing can be carried out by induction heating or in a vacuum furnace.The bonding of the sprayed coating to the workpiece is significantly increased by the fusing process, which creates metallurgical bonds between the powder particles and also between the coating and the work-piece. The coating becomes liquid-  and gas- tight.
Coating Services | HVOF
             HVOF Spraying

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High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Flame Spraying (HVOF)

  • Very dense coatings
  • Excellent bonding
  • Minimal metallurgical changes
  • Minimal temperature effects
In the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Flame Spraying process, powder is introduced axially into a chamber in which a gas flame is constantly burning under high pressure. The exhaust gas exits through an expansion nozzle which produces a high velocity gas stream. The powder particles are heated in this gas stream and transferred by it with high kinetic energy to the surface of the workpiece, forming a dense coating with excellent bonding properties. Due to the moderate transfer of heat to the powder particles and to the workpiece, which remains relatively cool, there is little metallurgical change to the sprayed material and the workpiece.
Coating Services | Plasma Spraying
             Plasma Spraying

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Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

  • High quality and dense coating
  • Ideal for high melting-point materials
In the Plasma Spraying process powder is softened or melted in the plasma gas stream, which also transfers the particles to the workpiece. The plasma arc is not transferred to the workpiece, it is contained within the plasma torch between an axial electrode and a water- cooled nozzle. The process is operated in normal atmosphere, in a shielding gas stream (e.g. Argon), in a vacuum or under water. Due to the high temperature of the plasma gas stream the Plasma Spray process is especially suitable for spraying high melting- point metals as well as their oxides and carbides.

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