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One of the major characteristics of the Kennametal Stellite range of alloys is the extended life as a result of their specially formulated metallurgical properties. Alloys are more difficult to machine and grind than steel, in many instances specialised machining tools, equipment, processing parameters, and experience are required.

Kennametal Stellite maintains its investment programme in modern cutting technology, with over two hundred machines and hundreds of specialised machine tools, for your full range of machining needs.

Machining Capacity

  1. Machining process, using metal cutting:

    • CNC Drilling
    • CNC Milling
    • CNC Turning

  2. Machining process, using Grinding/Abrading

    • Cylindrical Grinding Operations
      • Cylindrical Grinding
      • Centreless Grinding
      • CNC form Grinding

    • Flat Grinding Operations
      • Flat Grinding
      • Oscillating flat Grinding
      • CNC flat form Grinding
      • Double face round table flat Grinding
      • 5 and 6 axis grinding

    • Spherical Grinding
    • Honing
    • Flat Lapping
    • Diamond Superfinish

  3. EDM - Machining

    • Spark Erosion
    • Wire Cutting


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