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HVOF Periphrials

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Model JK®3000 Torch | Jet Kote® Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger | Jet Kote® Powder Feeders |
Jet Kote® Refrigerated Heat Exchanger

HVOF | Jet Kote
Jet Kote® 3000

All Jet Kote® surfacing systems utilize the latest in torch design, the model JK® 3000. 
The JK® 3000:
  • Has long been accepted as the industry standard for producing aerospace quality coatings.
  • Operates with 3”, 6”, 9”, or 12” nozzles with a variety of inside diameters for maximum control of the spray pattern and additional control of coating properties.
  • Torch body is constructed from one-piece lightweight aluminum or durable 304 stainless steel. Stabilizer threads are located outside the torch body to simplify assembly. 
  • Seating area between the combustion head and combustion chamber is designed to provide a tighter, more uniform fit which is critical to extending the life of major torch components.
  • Stabilizer design makes installation possible without interference of the water fitting, and uses the torch body for alignment of the combustion chamber and combustion head. This simplifies routine torch maintenance.
  • Fuel injector is designed to accept standard oxyacetylene gas fittings, simplifying torch repair.
  • May use accessories to enable remote ignition and operation of the powder valve.



HVOF | Jet Kote
Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger

Jet Kote® Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger    
Our Jet Kote® systems include a water-to-water heat exchanger to provide cooling water to the torch at a consistent temperature. The system includes a closed-loop cooling circuit for the torch and an open-loop circuit for plant water. The cooling system maintains the torch temperature within +/- 1°C of the set point to provide consistent combustion efficiency and uniform coatings production.
Plant water requirements:
  • 0-20 gallons per minute, as required, controlled automatically
  • 60 psi minimum required, 150 psi maximum
  • 70°F maximum temperature
  • Dimensions:           30.75” H x 27” L x 23”W | 7.8cm H x 68.6cm L x 58.4cm W
  • Weight:                  290 lbs. (131.8 Kg) dry
  • Electrical:               9 amps at 460 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz or 20 amps at 220 VAC, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  • Water Capacity:      8 gallons (distilled or deionized water not recommended)


HVOF | Jet Kote
Powder Feeder

Jet Kote® Powder Feeders
Two state of the art powder feeders are available for use with the Jet Kote® Systems.
  • Open-loop Powder Feeder
    The open-loop powder feeder dispenses Jet Kote® powders at a fixed feed rate set by the operator. It comes with a tool cart on casters to position the feeder at a convenient eye level for the operator. This model is equipped with a heater blanket to assist in keeping the Jet Kote® powder moisture free.

  • Closed-loop Powder Feeder
    The closed-loop powder feeder includes a scale in place of the tool cart. The scale monitors and adjusts output based on actual weight loss in the powder hopper. This model is equipped with a heater blanket to assist in keeping the Jet Kote® powder moisture free.
Hopper Dimensions:
  • Dimensions:            32.1”H x 31.4”L x 13”W 
    81.5cm H x 79.8cm L x 33cm W
  • Weight:                   90 lbs. (40.9 kg) empty
  • Electrical:                110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Hopper Capacity:     205 in3 (1322.7cm3
    14-22.7 kg of powder
Tool Cart Dimensions:
  • Dimensions:            31”H x 39” L x 21”W | 78.7cm H x 99cm L x 58.4cm W 

HVOF | Jet Kote
Refrigerated Heat Exchanger

Jet Kote® Refrigerated Heat Exchanger

Our refrigerated heat exchanger is a closed loop system specially designed to maintain optimum operating parameters in the Jet Kote® torch.
  • Various voltages available
  • Dimensions: 93 ½” H x 81” L x 41 ½” W
  • Shipping Weight : 3,800 lbs.






Additional Information:
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