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PTA Torches

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The Excalibur Torch employs innovative design features for high efficiency performance with low maintenance and operating costs.
The Excalibur Torch features:
  • High efficiency nozzles with a choice of multi-powder ports. Powder efficiency has been measured at 99.5% recovery with a 1/8 inch (3.2mm) nozzle
  • Standard nozzles with two powder ports
  • 12 inch electrodes in 1/8 and 3/16 inch diameters
  • Self-centering electrode which does not require gas distributor
  • Fully machined construction to precise standards
  • Torch parts which are all replaceable
  • Fully sealed internal powder feed to eliminate losses and contamination
  • Quick change nozzles that do not require securing screws
  • An available heavy duty large shield
Excalibur Torch Specifications:

Welding Current:    
10-250 Amperes
Water Cooled Nozzles:
1/8, 3/16 diameter
1/8, 3/16 dia x 12 inch long
1-1.5 gpm at 60-90 psi, 68°F
Powder Gas:
2.5-8.5 SCFH at 30 psi
Plasma Gas:
2.5-8.5 SCFH at 30 psi
Shield Gas:
16-40 SCFH at 30 psi

Torch Dimensions:

Overall Length:
12 inch (280 mm)
Body Diameter:
1.6 inch (40 mm)
2.2 lbs. (1 kg)
The Excalibur Torch can be used on most existing brands of PTA equipment. 


Plasma Transferred Arc Torch

Model 600 Torch
The Model 600 torch can be installed on any STARWELD® PTA System and features:
  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Longer nozzle life
  • Improved service life.
  • Sturdy, compact design-1.5” diameter body
  • Improved welding with nickel based alloys
  • Decreased overlay
  • Orifice diameter available in 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16”
  • Better arc control
  • Connection points that are color-coded to facilitate ease of installation
  • Removable powder tubes
  • Self-centering electrode
  • Extended nozzle for hard-to-reach corner areas.
Model 600 Torch Parameters:
20-250 Amperes
20-32 Volts
1-1.5 gpm at 60-90 psi, 65°F
Powder Gas:            
2.5-8.5 SCFH at 25 psi
Shield Gas:              
16-40 SCFH at 25 psi
Plasma Gas:            
2.5-8.5 SCFA at 25 psi
Deposition Rate:
1.5 to 10 pounds an hour

Plasma Transferred Arc Torch
Model 200 Torch

The Model 200 Plasma Powder Surfacing Torch is a low profile plasma transferred arc torch that meets Wear Technology’s standards for minimum replacement parts, optimum nozzle life, low cost parts replacement, and unsurpassed reliability. The Model 200 Torch will coat internal bore surfaces down to 3-1/2” diameters. The nozzle design provides efficient cooling for applications requiring preheat at high as 800 °F. An insulated shroud covers the service tubes to further aid torch cooling.
The Model 200 Torch features:
  • A small size (1-3/4” diameter x 2” high) allowing for surfacing of internal bores as small as 3” in diameter. Optional 24” and 36” reach models are available
  • Efficient cooling allowing for preheats as high as 800°F. The unique design promotes rapid heat dissipation contributing to maximum nozzle life
  • Precise, reliable, efficient (up to 95%) material delivery using a 4-jet powder injection system
  • Complete encapsulation of the torch’s gas and water service tubes
  • Deposition rates up to 4 lbs./hour at 150A continuous cycle
Model 200 Torch Operating Parameters:

50 to 200 Amps
20 to 25 volts DC
Duty Cycle:            
200A @ 60%, 150 A @ 100%
Water Flow:
0.5 gpm @ 60 psi, 120°F maximum
(1.89 lpm @ 4.1 bar, 49°C maximum)
Powder Gas:           
4 to 16 cf/h @ 20 psi
(113 to 453 slph @ 1.38 bar)
Shield Gas:             
16 to 24 cf/h @ 20 psi to 680 slph at 1.38 bar)
Plasma Gas:            
2 to 8 cf/h @ 20 psi (56.5 to 226 slph @ 1.38 bar)
Electrode Setback:  
0.060” (0.015 mm) Use tool provided
Maximum Preheat: 
800°F (427°C) at 100% Duty Cycle


HPH 150 Torch

The HPH 150 Torch is used with the Starweld Microstar self contained, hand-held Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding system.  



Current Capacity:            

120A, 100% ED

Pilot Current:                

Max 20 A, 100% ED

Max Deposition Rate:

4 lbs/hour


1 pound

HPH 80 Torch
The HPH 80 Torch is used with the Starweld Microstar self contained, hand-held Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding system.  

Current Capacity:            

80A, 100% ED

Pilot Current:                

Max 15A, 100% ED

Max Deposition Rate:

3 lbs/hour


5 oz        

Additional PTA Information:
To view product relevant to this process, please view our PTA Laser Powder product page
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