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PTA Typical Systems

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  Manipulator Systems | Beam and Carriage Systems | Valvestar Systems | Robotic Systems  

Manipulator Systems
Starweld® PTA systems can be supplied with a variety of torch manipulators and part positioning devices for semi automatic welding. A wide range of devices can be provided to suit for almost any size, weight or configuration of work piece. These can be equipped torches with a range of sizes suitable for either inside or outside diameter work.
Plasma Transferred Arc Typical Systems
Beam and Carriage Systems
For parts with long lengths requiring support at both ends beams and moving weld carriages are most appropriate. These can be supplied with lathe type positioners or combined with tilting positioners for increased versatility. Almost any length and weight capacity can be accommodated.
 Plasma Transferred Arc Typical Systems
Valvestar Systems
Valvestar systems are specifically designed for high volume production of gas or diesel engine valves. They are integrated with automated load and unload systems and can be installed directly in automated production lines.
 Plasma Transferred Arc Typical Systems
Robotic Systems
For the ultimate in flexibility and automation Starweld® PTA units can be integrated into robotic cells allowing complete control of the part positioning and weld process directly through the robot controller. 
 Plasma Transferred Arc Typical Systems

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