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Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTA)

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Plasma Transferred Arc | Equipment
PTA Process

Plasma transferred arc (PTA) hardfacing is a versatile method of depositing high-quality metallurgically fused deposits on relatively low cost surfaces. Soft alloys, medium and high hardness materials, and carbide composites can be deposited on a variety of substrates to achieve diverse properties such as mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance, and creep. PTA hardfacing has several significant advantages over traditional welding processes such as oxyfuel (OFW) and gas tungsten arc (GTAW) welding. 
The PTA process:
  • PTA is easily automated, providing a high degree of reproducibility. 

  • PTA allows precise metering of metallic powder feedstocks. As a result a lesser quantity of material is used when compared to other traditional welding processes.

  • PTA permits precise control of important weld parameters i.e. powder feed rates, gas flow rates, amperage, voltage, and heat input, ensuring a high degree of consistency from lot to lot. Controlled heat input ensures weld dilutions that can be controlled from 5-7% in most cases. 

  • PTA produces deposits of a given alloy that are tougher and more corrosion resistant then counterparts laid down by GTAW or OFW processes. Weld deposits are characterized by very low levels of inclusions, oxides, and discontinuities. 

  • PTA produces smooth deposits that significantly reduce the amount of post weld machining required.

  • PTA parameters can be adjusted to provide a variety of deposits in thicknesses from 1.2 to 2.5 mm (0.05 to 0.10 in.) or higher.  These can be deposited by a single pass at a rate of 1 kg/h up to 13 kg/h depending upon the torch, powder and application.    

The PTA process is used in instances of
extreme demands on wear resistance. A high
strength metallurgical bond is formed between
the superalloy coating overlay and the underlying
component, ensuring that the coating does not
become compromised even under the highest
of stresses. Learn more

Kennametal Stellite is one of the leading worldwide
manufacturers of PTA hardfacing equipment.  Our
knowledge and experience in materials enables us
to provide customers with customized coating equipment
to satisfy specific requirements. Learn more

Kennametal Stellite's typical systems are very versatile and
efficient.  From systems that produce high volume output
to the ultimate in flexibility and automation. Learn more

Kennametal Stellite offers a variety of Plasma Transferred Arc
torches  with innovative design features, low maintenance
and unsurpassed reliability.
  Learn more

Additional PTA Information:
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