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PTA Weld Deposition

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Hardfacing Alloys | PTA Weld DepositionThe PTA process recommends itself due to its ease of automation and thus a high degree of reproducibility of the welded overlays. In addition, because of the highly concentrated heat source, this process benefits from high powder utilization and can achieve a very low level of iron dilution in the overlay.

Because the hardfacing materials are in powder form, it is possible to produce overlays from many different materials and combinations of materials with a wide range of hardness and other properties. For this reason Kennametal Stellite offers the widest range of hardfacing materials for this process.

Main Benefits:

  • Can Be Highly Automated
  • High Powder Utilization
  • Low Dilution
  • Very Wide Range Of Hardfacing Materials

Additional Information:

  • To view product relevant to this process, please view our PTA Laser Powder product page.
  • For information on PTA Equipment, click here.
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