Alloy Database - Composition - Deloro Stellite Group
Base: Alloy:
The composition shown below is an outline only, and should not be taken as a full specification.
Note that cored wire may have higher Fe contents than other product forms.
Co: Ni: Fe: Al: B: C: Cr:
  Bal. 4.5   3 0.7 14
Mn: Mo: P: S: Si: Ti: W:
This alloy was the first of the nickel filler metals to be developed. The nickel, chromium, and iron contents render it suitable for brazing nickel, chromium or iron base metals. While high carbon content in 300 series stainless steels is metallurgically undesirable from a standpoint, the high carbon in this alloy would appear to make it undesirable for brazing stainless steels. The Strauss test for corrosion did not show any adverse effect of the high carbon content on the corrosion resistance of joints in base metals such as AISI 347 stainless steel.

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