Stellite 6B


When it comes to tough, wear-resistant materials with "certified" mechanical properties, Stellite 6B is in a class by itself.  Unlike materials that sacrifice toughness for wear resistance, Stellite 6B offers both. The key is the extensive hot forging process which transforms brittle, wear-resistant ingot into tough, wear-resistant Stellite 6B.  Although the material exhibits a modest hardness range of 33-43 RC, the extensive work hardening transformation that the surface goes through provides exceptional wear resistance for such a tough material.

• Meets Aerospace Material Specification AMS 5894 requirements.

• DFARS compliant

• All material supplied with original MTR certification

• Stocked in standard mill forms

• Round bar: from 0.312" to 6.0" diameter - full lengths or cut pieces

• Flat stock: from 0.031" to 1.0" thick - full sheets or cut pieces

• Custom sizes available based on minimum production quantity.

• In-house machining services available to deliver finished components.

With its excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, good corrosion resistance, and superior mechanical properties, Stellite 6B is the material-of-choice for the most demanding wear applications.


Key Characteristics - Excellent Wear Resistance for High Temp or Corrosive conditions

Excellent Hot Hardness - Stellite 6B retains hardness and wear resistance at operating temperatures up to 1800F, and once cooled to room temperature, recovers full mechancial properties including hardness.

Resists Erosive Wear and offers outstanding resistance to cavitation-erosion.  The wrought structure and large chromium carbides provides excellent abrasive wear resistance comparable to much harder cast materials. Stellite 6B steam turbine erosion shields have protected steam turbine blades for over 30 years of continuous service!

Corrosion Resistance - Stellite 6B offers good resistance to a variety of corrosive media. This, combined with wear resistance, makes Stellite 6B an excellent choice in applications with both wear and corrosion, such as food handling machinery and chemical equipment.

Impact and Thermal Shock Resistance -  toughness of the wrought alloy with charpy impact results 4X compared to cast material having similar chemistry.

Resists Seizing and Galling - its low coefficient of friction allows sliding contact with other metals without damage by metal pick-up. Stellite 6B is perfect for applications where lubricants can't be used: inaccessible areas where efficient lubrication is impossible, product handled can't be exposed to lubricant, or under heat or abrasive particles where lubricants decompose.

Workability - Stellite 6B sheet can be formed and welded in place to quickly cover high wear areas with minimal heat input.


Stellite 6B out performs harder materials in G65 Abrasion resistance testing.


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