Stellite 6B

Whether your application involves high-impact pulp agitators, critical directional drilling tools, or aerospace components, StelliteTM 6B provides superior wear resistance and mechanical properties needed to withstand the toughest applications.

What makes Stellite 6B the material-of-choice for the most demanding wear applications?

  • Resists Seizing and Galling - its low coefficient of friction allows sliding contact with other metals without damage by metal pick-up. Stellite 6B is perfect for applications where lubricants can't be used: inaccessible areas where efficient lubrication is impossible, product being handled can't be exposed to lubricant, under heat or abrasive particles where lubricants decompose.
  • Resists Erosive Wear - offers outstanding resistance to cavitation-erosion and long service life, even under constant erosive conditions. The wrought structure results in improved abrasion wear resistance comparable to much harder cast materials. Stellite 6B steam turbine erosion shields have protected a customer's turbine blades for over 30 years of continuous service!
  • Excellent Hot Hardness - Stellite 6B retains high hardness, even at red heat. Once cooled to room temperature, it recovers its full original hardness.
  • Impact and Thermal Shock Resistance - the toughness of the wrought alloy depicted by its chirpy impact energy increases nearly four fold compared to the cast version.
  • Resists Heat and Oxidation - The alloys in Stellite 6B are highly resistant to atmospheric oxidation at ordinary temperatures, and have good resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures. High temperatures have little effect on the hardness, toughness, and dimensional stability of these alloys.
  • Corrosion Resistance - In addition to wear resistance, Stellite 6B offers good resistance to a variety of corrosive media. This combination makes Stellite 6B an excellent choice in applications where both wear and corrosion are present, such as food handling machinery and chemical equipment.
  • Heat Treatment - the standard heat treatment is 2250oF (1232oC), followed by air cooling. Stellite 6B is supplied in heat-treated condition, unless otherwise specified.

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