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Kennametal Stellite's specialized coating services activities involve the application of wear and corrosion-resistant alloys to components manufactured from soft, wear-susceptible base metals. These coatings significantly increase resistance to the principal forms of wear, encountered in extreme industrial environments, namely high temperature, corrosion and abrasion. 

Kennametal Stellite's wide range of high alloy powder, wire and rod materials and its advanced thermal spraying and hardfacing coating processes enable us to take a tailored approach to solving your most difficult wear problems.  

Kennametal Stellite uses various thermal spraying techniques to apply wear-resistant coatings to components, including High Velocity Oxygen Fuel ("HVOF") spraying, plasma spraying, and flame spraying. Thermal sprayed coatings are characterized by a mechanical bonding with the metal substrate and are particularly useful for temperature-sensitive base materials. 

Hardfacing techniques, including Plasma Transferred Arc ("PTA"), Tungsten Inert Gas ("TIG"), and metal arc hardfacing, are used in instances of extreme demands on wear resistance. A high strength metallurgical bond is formed between the alloy coating overlay and the underlying component, ensuring that the coating does not become compromised even under the highest of stresses.  

Kennametal Stellite provides its customers with a range of machining services as a core element of its coating services offering, as well as additional value-added services including polishing, final assembly and testing. As well as providing you with a full spectrum of coating services from its key locations in Belleville, Goshen, Shanghai, Kennametal Stellite also has an established international location in India. These provide dedicated, rapid local coating services to key customers, typically for coated components that wear regularly under extreme conditions and require frequent re-coating. Such applications are commonly found in the oil & gas, power generation and aerospace industries. 

Kennametal Stellite is the acknowledged market leader in surface technology. Skilled engineers and craftsmen backed by the latest technology provide a comprehensive range of specialized surfacing processes. 

  • Manufacture of prototype or production components
  • Flexibility for single or multiple quantities
  • Experienced-based selection criteria for surfacing alloy and process selection
  • Quality assurance to international standard