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Kennametal Is The World’s Largest Supplier of Genuine Stellite 6B Products

Kennametal’s Stellite 6B (UNS R30016, AMS 5894) is a wrought material with enhanced physical & material properties. The forged microstructure gives Stellite 6B superior toughness and weldability, superior abrasive & erosive wear properties and superior corrosion resistance compared to a cast or welded Stellite 6.

With its excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, good corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties, Stellite 6B has been the material of choice in some of the most demanding wear applications. These applications encompass aerospace bearings, steam turbine erosion shields, fan blades, steam turbines, wear plates, tunnel boring seals, gears, sleeves & bushings, drilling and exploration tooling.

Stellite 6B Products

Stellite 6B Bar


Stellite 6B Sheet and Plate

Sheet & Plate

Stellite 6B Sleeves

Sleeves & Bushings

Stellite 6B Finished Components

Finished Components

Stellite 6B Erosion Shields

Erosion Shields

Chemical Composition

  Co Cr W C Ni Si Fe Others
Stellite 6B Base 28.00-32.00 3.50-5.50 0.90-1.40 3.00* 2.00* 3.00* Mn, Mo
Stellite 6 Base 27.00-31.00 3.00-6.00 0.90-1.40 3.00* 2.00* 3.00* Mn, Mo


Mechanical Properties per AMS 5894

  Tensile Strength (ksi) Yield Strength (ksi) Elongation in 2",%
Reduction Area Hardness HRC
Stellite 6B 130 (min) 70 (min) 5% (min) 7% (min) 33-43

AMS 5894 minimum values shown

Physical Properties

  Density Melting Point
Thermal Conductivity
  Imperial (lb/in3) Metric (kg/m3) Imperial (ºF) Metric (ºC) watt-cm/sq-cm ºC
Stellite 6B 0.303 8387 2310-2470 1265-1354 0.147

Quality, Compliance, & Certification

Stellite 6B is made in the USA and comes with guaranteed mechanical properties.

Stellite 6B can be certified to a range of specifications including:

  • AMS 5894    
  • DFARS compliant
  • Boeing BMS7-338
  • Pratt & Whitney PWA 1196
  • Pratt & Whitney PWA 300
  • Pratt & Whitney MCL, LCS

...and many more.

Stellite 6B Sheets on a fork lift

Features & Benefits

Resist Seizing & Galling: Stellite 6B is resistant to the effects of seizing or galling. In many cases, its low coefficient of friction allows sliding contact with other metals without damage by metal pick-up. Stellite 6B has been used in equipment where no lubricants were used because of the nature of the product being handled.

Erosive Wear Resistance: Parts made of Stellite 6B have a long service life, even under constant erosive conditions. This material has outstanding resistance to cavitation-erosion. The wrought structure results in improved abrasion wear resistance comparable to much harder cast materials. 

Excellent Hot Hardness: Stellite 6B retains high hardness, even at red heat. Once cooled back to room temperature, it recovers its full original hardness.

Impact Resistant: The toughness of the wrought Stellite 6B alloy yields Charpy impact test results 4X that of cast Stellite 6.

Corrosion Performance: Stellite 6B has excellent resistance to a variety of corrosive media. While other materials struggle to survive the harsh corrosive media used in industries like food handling or chemical equipment, Stellite 6B thrives. 

Workability: Stellite 6B sheets can be formed and/or welded in place to quickly cover high-wear areas with minimal heat input. It can be fabricated to get you the protection where and when you need it most.

Size Range: Kennametal stocks 6B round bar in diameters 0.312”-6.000” in lengths up to 160” and flat bar/sheet in thickness 0.031”-1.000” in lengths up to 96”.  Additionally, 6B can be quoted in custom sizes upon request. 

Group of Stellite 6B bars, sleeves, erosion shields, and finished components

Wrought Wear-Resistant Alloys Brochure

Check out our brochure for additional information on wrought wear-resistant alloys.

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