Cast Nistelle Super C

Corrosion Resistance for Extreme Environments

Nistelle is a family of nickel-chromium base super alloys. The Nistelle family of alloys is designed for oxidation and corrosion resistance rather than wear resistance, particularly in aggressive chemical environments where their high chromium and molybdenum contents provide excellent pitting resistance. As a class, they are also generally resistant to high-temperature oxidation and hot gas corrosion.​

Nistelle alloys are often used to mitigate corrosion in the most extreme environments. Kennametal Stellite’s two most popular alloys in this family, Nistelle 625 and Nistelle 718, have been widely used in a range of high-temperature aerospace, chemical process, oil & gas and power industry applications. ​

Kennametal Stellite’s Nistelle Super C is a proprietary developed nickel-base alloy designed for corrosion resistance and developed for the HVOF or PTA overlay processes. The corrosion resistance and surface finishing characteristics make Nistellle Super C an ideal alloy for claddings in printing, papermaking, oil refinery, and chemical processing industries.​

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Nistelle 625

Nistelle 625 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-based superalloy. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is able to withstand a high degree of stress across a large temperature range. Alloy 625 is a common material of choice to mitigate corrosion in the oil & gas, nuclear, marine and chemical processing industries. 

Nominal Composition
Base: Ni
Cr: 21.5
Mo: 9
C: 0.1 max
Nb+Ta: 3.7
Fe: 5 max
Others: Si, Mn, Al, Ti

Hardness HRC: 25 HRC

Typical UTS: Casting (AMS 5402) 76 Ksi / 525 MPa,
Casting (AMS 5401) 85 Ksi / 590 MPa

UNS: N26625

AMS: 5401, 5402

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Nistelle 718

Nistelle 718 is a nickel-chromium-iron vacuum superalloy that is typically used for structural parts requiring strength up to 1300°F (704°C) and oxidation resistance up to 1800°F (982°C). Applications include gas turbines, rocket motors, spacecraft, nuclear reactors, pumps and tooling.

Nominal Composition
Base: Ni
Cr: 19
Fe: 19
Mo: 3
Nb+Ta: 5
C: 0.05
Others: Ti, Al

Hardness HRC: 34-44 HRC

Typical UTS: 125 Ksi / 862 MPa

UNS: N07718

AMS: 5383

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Nistelle Super C

Nistelle SUPER C is a proprietary welding and thermal spray alloy that exhibits much higher resistance to oxidizing and reducing acids than Nistelle C, and offers significantly higher resistance to chloride-induced, localized attack. 

Nominal Composition
Base: Ni
Cr: 23
Mo: 18
C: .05
Others: W, Si, Fe

Hardness HRC: 30 HRC max

Typical UTS: 90 Ksi / 620 MPa

UNS: Not Listed

AMS: Not Listed


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Nistelle C-22

Nistelle C-22 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-tungsten superalloy with the versatility to be used in corrosive environments where both oxidizing and reducing chemicals are present. It was the first low C and Si Ni-Cr-Mo series alloy with higher Cr content. 

Nominal Composition
Base: Ni
Cr: 22
Mo: 13
C: 0.01
W: 3
Fe: 3
Others: Co, Mn, Cu, V

Hardness HRC: 83-98 HRB

Typical UTS: 80 Ksi / 550 MPa

UNS: N06022, N26022

AMS: Not Listed

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Nistelle C-276

Nistelle C-276 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum superalloy with a long history of performance in corrosive applications. It was the first low C and Si alloy variation of the original Ni-Cr-Mo Nistelle C alloy. C-276 is commonly used in sour oil & gas operations, chemical processing, and power generation markets. 

Nominal Composition
Base: Ni
Cr: 16
Mo: 16
Fe: 5
W: 4
C: <2.5
Others: Mn, V, Cu

Hardness HRC: 85-98 HRB

Typical UTS: 72 Ksi / 495 MPa

UNS: N10276, N30002

AMS: Not Listed

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Nistelle X

Nistelle X is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy having an exceptional combination of oxidation resistance and high-temperature strength.


Nominal Composition
Base: Ni
Cr: 22
Fe: 18
Mo: 9
Co: 1.5
C: 0.1
Others: W, Wn, Si, Nb, Al

Hardness HRC: 90-98 HRB

Typical UTS: 55 Ksi / 380 MPA

UNS: N06002

AMS: 5390

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