Proven Power Generation Solutions

Kennametal Stellite is a global provider of solutions for wear, heat, and corrosion problems, a world-class manufacturer of components, and a service provider for the power generation market.

These parts are produced through different processes such as casting and machining, and can be custom engineered to meet individual customer needs.

Kennametal Stellite offers its proven heat, wear, and corrosion experience and customized solutions in the power generation market for a broad range of applications, including Industrial Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Nuclear Plants and Hot Gas Expanders.

High-Temperature Erosion Resistance

Stellite™ alloys are noted for their high-temperature erosion resistance in a multitude of industries. In petroleum refining, the reactor and regenerator sections of the FCCU’s pose severe erosion problems.

During an accelerated wear test at regenerator temperatures (700ºC), using an FCCU catalyst as the erosive media, Cobalt-based alloys such as Tribaloy™ T-800™ and Molybdenum-containing alloy Stellite™ 720, showed a significant engineering advantage over 304, 410, and boron diffused 410.

These Cobalt and Molybdenum alloys provide an exceptional blend of high-temperature sulfidation, oxidation, and erosion resistance. In even more demanding situations, alloy matrix composites such as Stellite™ TiC20 are candidate materials.

Steam Erosion Shields

Some steam turbine designs will see water droplet formation in the L-0 region of the low-pressure turbine. These water droplets cause erosion on the leading edge of the largest turbine blades. In turn, erosion can lead to catastrophic failure from crack propagation across the blade. Kennametal Stellite erosion shields, welded or brazed to the leading edge of these L-0 blades, slows water droplet erosion and crack propagation so that issues can be detected and repaired during regular inspections.

Erosion shields are typically made from Stellite alloy 6B or from cast Stellite materials. Ask your OEM or Service provider about the benefits of Kennametal Stellite erosion shields in your steam turbine.


Kennametal Stellite produces components used in the control rod mechanisms for several current nuclear plant designs as well as components for valves and pumps within the primary and secondary steam cycle. These are high-reliability components that remain in service for several decades.

These components are typically made from Stellite alloy 6, Stellite alloy 6B, Inconel alloy 718, or Norem alloy B2 materials. Together, Norem alloy B2 and Inconel alloy 718 provide a no-cobalt solution for European application.

Hot Gas Expanders

Hot Gas Expanders (or Turbo Expanders) use waste heat energy in an exhaust gas path to turn a rotor and generate electricity or perform mechanical work within the industrial facility.

Hot Gas Expanders, particularly those used in FCCU (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit) applications where high-temperature gas contains catalyst materials, benefit from the use of Kennametal Stellite materials on blades and vanes to reduce erosion and extend service life. 

Hardfacing Alloys

Kennametal Stellite offers a wide range of wear-and corrosion-resistant alloys that perform well at very high temperatures. These alloys are formulated from elemental compositions comprising of a metal matrix and hard phase of carbides, borides, and others.

Alloys are available in various forms (depending on alloy range and application process): coated rods for manual arc hardfacing, bare rods for oxy-acetylene and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, powder for Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and wire for Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding.

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