Completions & Production


A variety of flow control solutions are available, ranging from hardfacing overlays and coatings, to castings and powder metallurgy parts for smaller components.

Cobalt alloys such as Stellite 1, 3, 6, 12, and 21 have been used extensively for years on large control valve seats and slides.  While these alloys continue to work well, Tribaloy alloys and composites such as Stellite CRC50 and Stellite TiC20 are designed to resist even higher temperatures.  Tribaloy T-800 is used for valves operating in MTBE service.

Pump Components:

Pump casings may be cast or selectively thermally sprayed with various Stellite alloys.  Casing life may be further extended with the use of replaceable pump liners manufactured from Delcrome alloys (for low temperature service) or Stellite 6 liners (for more corrosive or high temperature service).

Pump impellers that experience high levels of cavitation may be cast from cavitation-resistant Stellite alloys with further enhancements in wear and corrosion protection being provided by selectively thermally spraying high wear areas.