For over 30 years Kennametal Stellite™  has provided high performance products for the glass industry. We continue to innovate products which help glass manufacturers achieve performance levels by extending the life of critical parts and performance, and by reducing contamination.

Manufacturers of glass components require elevated temperatures to ‘work’ the glass. The heat and the abrasive nature of molten glass cause wear on many components. Kennametal Stellite products are used on mould edges to prevent such wear and therefore maximise production efficiencies.

Deloro® powders are commonly chosen due to their combination of heat & corrosion resistance coupled with their thermal shock and thermal conductivity properties. Traditionally glass manufacturers have applied our powders by manual welding, however PTA welding is becoming more popular. As you can see from the table below, Kennametal Stellite are happy to offer powders for either method of deposition. 


  • Wide Mouth Press
  • Blow plungers and Blow blow plungers
  • Press-blow-plungers, including narrow neck
  • Neck Rings
  • Ring Inserts
  • Guide Rings
  • Baffles


  • Ni Powders: The wide range Ni Powders are specifically developed for hardfacing of neck and guide rings, moulds, baffles and baffle inserts.
  • Co alloys: Narrow Neck Plungers, Baffle inserts.
  • Ni alloys: neck and guide rings, moulds, baffles and baffle inserts, Blow blow Plungers.
  • Tungsten Carbide Coating: Narrow Neck Plungers.
  • Forged Co alloy: Gob Shear Knives in Stellite 6B.



Method of Application

General Uses

Deloro® 21 KX

21-28 HRC

Manual Welding

Good general use powder. Used for building edges or local repair. Hardness depends on base material. Commonly used on Minox.

Deloro® 22 KX

Deloro® 22 KS

20-22 HRC

Manual Welding

Good general use powder. Can be used for building up edges or local repair. KS is finer and so is better suited to repair. Can be hand finished.

Deloro® 29 KX

27-30 HRC

Manual Welding

Similar to Deloro® 22 but slightly harder. Machine finish required.

Deloro® 34 KX

33-37 HRC

Manual Welding

Slightly harder than Deloro® 29. More commonly used for neck rings & guide plates. Well suited to Minox.

Deloro® 40 KX

Deloro® 40 S

38-42 HRC

Manual Welding

Slightly harder than Deloro® 34. Used on neck rings & baffles. Can also be used for spray & fuse onto plungers.

Deloro® 22 WM

20-22 HRC


Tough Build up alloy for Cast Iron & Steel Components. Used extensively for the manufacture & repair of hollow glass moulds.

Deloro® 25 WM

25-28 HRC


Similar to Deloro® 22 but slightly harder & more fluid.

Deloro® 30 WM

27-30 HRC


Intermediate properties between Deloro® 25 & 35. Used for the hardfacing of Neck Rings & Baffels in glass industry.

Deloro® 105 E

24-26 HRC


Specially designed for the deposition onto Minox by PTA welding. Easily machinable