Kennametal Stellite™ manufactures a wide variety of shaped and pressed saw tips and sawtipping products, as well as European style tips for brazing onto circular saws. We work closely with manufacturers to produce better grades of Stellite alloys, to help saw mills reduce kerf sizes and improve the quality of the lumber they produce.

For example, the operational time of a wood bandsaw blade is considerably increased by tipping the teeth with Stellite®. Traditionally Stellite tipped bandsaws were used for cutting hardwoods, but they have also been proven on softer woods such as Fir & Pine.

The Stellite tipped teeth give better surface finishes and considerably longer operational times. Although Stellite has a lower hardness than cemented carbide, it has greater wear resistance and it is tough enough to withstand shocks caused by knots, nails etc.

Stellite® in the Timber industry is normally supplied in Rod form.


The following products used in conjunction with automatic, resistance saw tipping equipment:

  • Rectangular tips
  • Triangle tips
  • Round Balls
  • Trapezoidal rod
  • Triangle rod
  • European Style tips in WG and WET sizes
  • 080(3mm) and .062(1.5mm) dia. solid STELLITE® Gr-12PM wire, provided in 6ft(2m) lengths, or spooled on 24"(60cm)spool, for use on automated Plasma sawtipping equipment.