Pulp & Paper

Kennametal Stellite™ has been providing cost effective wear resistant solutions to the Pulp and Paper Industry for many years. Our in-depth knowledge and selection of alloys and processes have made us a valued resource in solving some of the industry's toughest wear problems.


  • Recovery Nozzles - Kennametal Stellite worked with OEMs and CanMet to develop a proprietary alloy to extend the life of the nozzles used to inject the black liquor into boilers. These nozzles now often last a few weeks rather than just a few days.
  • Sting Rays - Manufactured from Ultimet these castings are used in a high pressure knotter to introduce pulses that help in the screening of the pulp. Ultimet was selected due to its enhanced corrosion resistance and the ease in which it can be welded to the stainless steel rotor.
  • Pinhole Blocks - These are used in bark burning boilers to create the floor and to allow injection of combustion air into the bed. Delcrome 90 was selected for this application due to its abrasion resistance to the ash and other contaminants found in the bed.