Kennametal Stellite™ has provided abrasion and corrosion resistant parts to steel and steel coatings businesses for over 60 years.  Our components are designed to allow steel to be processed faster and more efficiently. Steel production creates the ideal environment for Kennametal Stellite alloys. The high temperatures and multitude of moving parts in Steel plants, means high potential for premature wear on critical components.

Lost production time is a large cost for any production line.  Combinations of high temperature, corrosion, and abrasion cause many problems throughout your mills.  We have a full staff of engineers and metallurgists available to solve your wear and corrosion problems.  Consider consulting us any time abrasion and corrosion limit your production campaigns.

Steel Production


Solid Cast Examples

  • Pulverizer plates
  • Piercing points
  • Bearing blocks
  • Furnace skid rails
  • Furnace drive train components (bushings, wear strips, etc.)
  • Scissor grab bearings and bushings
  • Wear strips
  • Hot forge knives

Hardfaced Examples

  • Furnace roll surfaces
  • Tensioner roll surfaces
  • Correcting roll surfaces
  • Annealing roll surfaces
  • Rod mill guide rollers
  • Descaling roll surfaces
  • Run-out table rollers
  • Downcoiler top pinch rolls
  • Ingot tong bits
  • Slag stopper
  • Coke slipper

Steel Sheet Coating Processes


Process Lines Served

  • Galvanize (GL)      Zn, ASTM A653/A653M
  • Galvanneal (GA)    Zn/10% Fe, ASTM A653/A653M
  • Galvalume (GL)      55% Al/An/1.5% Si, ASTM 792/A792M
  • Galfan (GF)           Zn/5% Al/MM, ASTM A875/A875M
  • Aluminize (AL)      Al (type 1) or Al/5-11% Si (type 2),     ASTM A463/A463/M
  • Terne                    Pb/8% Sn, ASTM A308/A308M

Solid Cast Component Examples

  • Pot roll bushings and sleeves
  • Stab roll bushings and sleeves
  • Pot roll scraper blades
  • Piercing points
  • Bearing blocks
  • Pot roll bridle linkage bushings

Hardfaced Examples

  • Pot roll surfaces
  • Stab roll surfaces
  • Tensioner roll surfaces
  • Correcting roll surfaces
  • Annealing roll surfaces
  • Pickling bath roll surfaces