Aerospace Alloys

A Comprehensive Range of Material Options

Kennametal Stellite™ offers a comprehensive range of material options to meet specific application needs.  Our portfolio of alloys continues to grow as our metallurgists develop grades targeting specific wear conditions.

Although dozens of material grades are available, a short list of alloys form the foundation for many wear applications in both aerospace and general industry. Most alloys have been developed to perform in environments where at least  2 modes of failure are present.

Stellite Alloy 6B (AMS 5894)

When it comes to tough, wear-resistant materials with certified mechanical properties, Stellite 6B is in a class by itself. Unlike many other materials that sacrifice toughness for wear resistance, Stellite alloy 6B offers both.

With its excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, corrosion resistance, and superior mechanical properties, Stellite alloy 6B is the material of choice for many demanding aerospace wear applications.

  • DFARS compliant
  • PWA 1196 certified
  • Boeing BMS7-338 certified
  • Ultrasonically inspected
  • Certified mechanical properties