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Kennametal’s Stellite™ group is the premiere manufacturer of high-alloyed metal powders for hardfacing applications.

We deliver a variety of powder sizes with superior chemistry, morphology, flowability and density. Our breadth of production capabilities include: gas atomization (nitrogen & argon), water atomization, macrocrystalline carbide production and conventional carburized carbide production.


This highly efficient method of hardfacing is used to produce overlays in a wide range of hardnesses and compositions. 

Laser Welding

A focused laser beam heats the workpiece as powder is introduced, offering higher hardnesses and finer microstructures.

Spray & Fuse

Spray & Fuse process is used for relatively thin layers, usually on the surface of small cylindrical objects such as pump shafts or pistons.


Powder particles are heated in a gas stream and transferred by a supersonic energy stream to the surface of the workpiece.

Plasma Spray

A contained plasma stream transfers softened metals to the workpiece. Ideal for spraying high melting point metals and oxides.

Powder Welding

Powder welding is the ideal process for the deposition of smooth, thin, well-bonded layers on flat surfaces on a wide range of substrates.

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Hardfacing alloys are available in these well-known brand names:

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