A Legacy of Quality

First introduced in 1983,  Kennametal Stellite™ Jet Kote has a long legacy of producing the highest quality coatings in the market. The differentiated design coupled with robust engineering provides high particle velocities, oxide control and extremely dense coatings (<1% porosity). The Jet Kote High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) system is capable of spraying materials at rates of up to 22 lb/hr for maximum control of throughput and efficiency.



Jet Kote Systems

Typical Jet Kote systems consist of five major pieces:

  1. Control Console
  2. Jet Kote 3000 torch
  3. Gas Control Hub
  4. Heat Exchanger
  5. Powder Feeder

These systems are engineered to work together to provide unparalleled command and control. Additional options allow for the integration of a remote pendant which will duplicate the control console, remote powder torch valve, and remote torch ignition.



The Complete Package

In addition to Jet Kote’s comprehensive product portfolio, technical support and excellent customer service - engineers can design a comprehensive package to your exact standards.

With a variety of manufacturing methods and years of experience, Kennametal Stellite can tailor solutions for any challenge.