Jet Kote™ 3000 Torch

The Premier Torch for HVOF Coatings

The Jet Kote™ 3000 torch has long been accepted as the premier torch for applications of HVOF coatings. Thanks to its unique stabilizer, combustion head, combustion chamber and nozzle design, this torch is truly one of a kind.

The torch body is constructed from a one piece lightweight aluminum or 304 stainless steel mat. The seating area between the combustion head and chamber is designed to provide a tight and uniform fit which, in turn, minimizes maintenance requirements and extends crucial components life.



Flexibility in Design

The design flexibility of the Jet Kote 3000 torch allows for operators to select from a variety of features based on fuel selection to maximize control, including:

  • 3”, 6”, 9” or 12” nozzle length
  • 5/16” or ¼” nozzle bore (based on fuel type)
  • Fuel Injector (based on fuel type)
  • Remote Ignition
  • Remote Powder Valve Control