Jet Kote™ III

Consistent, Repeatable Performance

The Jet Kote™ III was designed with the highest operator convenience, control and efficiency in mind. It combines the high quality coatings Jet Kote is known for with consistent, repeatable performance. 

The standard Jet Kote III consists of a control console, Model JK™ 3000 torch, heat exchanger, and powder feeder.   All elements of the system are designed to work together to provide optimum performance.

Jet Kote III stands head and shoulders above the competition with deposition efficiencies of up to 70% and spray rates up to 20 lbs/hr. This high spray rate and deposit efficiency rate makes this one of the most effective spray systems available. Many competitive systems only average 25-35% deposit efficiency with the majority of material simply bouncing off the work piece, causing higher operating costs and reduced throughput.

It has graphic display showing operation conditions in three formats.  Operators can modify parameters within a password protected library parameters, increasing security and constancy of coating properties