Consistent, Reliable, & Easy

The Starweld 400 welding system is the most versatile PTA system on the market today. This PTA system uses the latest technology to provide a highly consistent, reliable, easy to use and cost effective solution for cladding and coating operations.

Fully Automatic Weld Sequences

Circular step over:  Diameters can be hardfaced in a series of passes or beads. After each pass, the torch is moved.

Spiral welding:  The rotational speed and torch movement is coordinated to achieve coverage in the form of a continuous spiral.

Linear welding:  One or more linear beads can be programmed to achieve straight line beads.

Fully Customizable

The Starweld 400 is a customizable system that can be successfully integrated with a wide range of part and torch manipulation equipment. Our experts are available to help you spec the right system for your business.