Part Manipulation & Positioning

Torch Manipulators & Part Positioning

StarWeld 400 can be supplied with a variety of torch manipulators and part positioning devices for semi-automatic welding. Our engineers will help you select from wide range of options to ensure the optimal configuration for your work piece and application is achieved.

StarWeld 400 with Skid Mounted Positioner


Beam & Carriage Systems

For parts with long lengths weld carriages are most appropriate. Kennametal engineers can integrate these carriages with lathe type positioners or combined with tilting positioners for increased versatility. 


Robotic Systems

For the ultimate in flexibility and automation Kennametal Stellite engineers can assist in the integration of the StarWeld 400 PTA units with robotic cells. Allowing you to achieve complete control of the part positioning and weld processing directly through a robot controller.

StarWeld 400 with Robotic Positioner