WX800 Water Cooled Electrodes

A New Standard for Performance

The WX800 electrode represents an exponential improvement in PTA hardfacing performance and reliability.

General PTA welding processes employs a consumable tungsten electrode located inside the torch which needs to be cleaned and re-shaped every 2 hours. This interruption can lead to poor weld quality, reduced yield or worse.   The WX800 electrode represents the next generation in PTA performance and has been proven to extend electrode life by 8x.

Proven to Last 8x Longer

Proven to outlast standard PTA electrodes by at least 8x, the WX800 limits the need to halt hardfacing operations for electrode maintenance. This increase in performance results in reduced welding down time, increased labor savings, longer electrode life and dramatically decreased scrap rate. 

Standard Electrode

Accumulated Arc Time: 15 mins.

WX800 Electrode

Accumulated Arc Time: 58 mins.

As illustrated, the tip of a standard electrode is severely worn & sagged after 15 minute arc at 250A. The WX800 electrode is still usable without re-sharpening after total of 58 minutes accumulated arc time (15min. arc at 250A, 19min. at 150A and 24min at 300A).

The WX800 electrode shows the potential to outlast the standard electrode for over 8x in this extremely high arc test and expected to outlast the standard electrode even more in this normal PTA process using lower arc.