Stellite Family: Deloro

The Deloro™ alloys are nickel based with additions of typically Cr, C, B, Fe, and Si. They cover a very wide range of hardness from soft, tough, build-up alloys that are easily machined or hand finished to exceptionally hard, wear-resistant alloys. They maintain their properties up to temperatures of about 315° C (600° F) and also offer good oxidation resistance.

The Right Tool for the Job

Deloro alloys be selected for hardnesses of between 20 and 62 HRC depending on the application. The lower hardness Deloro™ alloys are typically used for glass forming molds. The higher hardness Deloro™ alloys are used in severe wear applications, such as rebuilding the flights of feeder screws, and they can be blended with carbides for an even harder deposit.

Deloro Alloys

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