Stellite Family: Others

The Rest of the Best

The Stellite family extends to a variety solutions across our other brands including: Stelcar, Jet Kote, Ultimet, and Delcrome. Each of these brands is engineered to combat unique wear and corrosion applications with tailored chemistries and mechanical properties.

The Right Tool for the Job


Our Stelcar alloys are mixtures of carbide particles and nickel- or cobalt-based powders. Due to their construction, Stelcar™ materials are available only in powder form, for application by thermal spraying or weld hardfacing.


The Delcrome family are iron-based alloys developed to resist abrasive wear at lower temperatures, typically up to 200º C. When compared with our cobalt- and nickel-based alloys, their corrosion resistance is also comparatively low.

Jet Kote™

Jet Kote™ powders feature a variety alloys developed specifically for HVOF operations. These powders are designed to produce well-bonded, high-density coatings through most HVOF systems.  This portfolio includes powders based on the Stellite, Deloro, Tribaloy, Nistelle, Delcrome and an offering of unique carbide-metal (e.g., WC-Co or Cr3Cr2-NiCr) set of alloys.

Other Alloys

Available for purchase in the following product forms: